Why You Should Invest In Rencana Royale @TTDI

rencana royale ttdi

Rencana Royale presents an exclusive investment opportunity that is preserved only for the Malay people. However, you cannot invest in a project unless you understand what it has to offer. The 13-Storey SOFO development project presents Executive Suites, Executive Duplex Suites, Deluxe Suites, Deluxe Duplex Suites, 2-Storey Garden Suites, and corporate suites in the sky.


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Rencana Royale – The Location

The project is located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The project has two facility floor for business, corporate suites and duplex offices, studio offices, retail lots, 2-storey garden terraced units, flexible offices, and 627 units of smart offices. Therefore, it is an all-inclusive project that will meet all your business and relaxation needs.

Some of the facilities you will find in this place include a prayer room, gym, barbecue area, theater and meeting rooms just to name a few. One surprising fact is that people have already booked 90 percent of the units since last year. In fact, over 30 percent of the individuals who have booked these units have paid appended their signature on the sale and purchase agreement. You could be running late if you have interest in the project and have not booked a unit for yourself.

Rencana Royale – The Units

The largest unit in the Rencana Royale measures 4269 square feet. However, 60 percent of these units measure 472 square feet. The average price of these units is RM 580 per square feet. According to the managing director of CK East,  Mr. Ng Chong Kiat , the company would like to get a single buyer for the retail podium. It will allow for an excellent control of the tenancy mix as this unit measures more than 100,000 square feet. According to Mr. Ng, they are not willing to sell the retail lots individually.

You can get access to a unit in this place from RM292,000 only. However, you only require RM1000 to book and get a chance to be an investor in this exclusive project. It has optional tenancy programs and the developer is still willing to rent the unit from the buyer at 6 percent per annum for two years. This means that you will get a total return on investment of 12 percent.

Rencana Royale  – The Developer

Mr. Ng Chong Kiat says that the company is willing to manage that suit if they cannot find a reliable buyer. Remember this is the most important section that will determine the value of the entire project. This presents an excellent opportunity for anyone who has the ability to purchase that section. You can be sure of a high return to investment once the project is launched. Something the company is willing to retain means that it is riskless.

Remember this freehold property is exclusively set aside for the Malaysian buyers. Therefore, other races such as Indians and Chines are not allowed to buy the property.

One feature you will love about the Rencana Royale project is its proximity to the big shopping centers. The site is only five to ten minutes away from Publika, Mont Kiara, 1 Utama and the Curve shopping complex. However, you can still find some services like restaurants within the building.


Want to know more about Rencana Royale?

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Type of Layout to Expect by Visiting the Place

Rencana TTDI Rooftop

Rencana TTDI is an excellent commercial project that was developed by Minda Muhiba Sdn Bhd. This is a subsidiary company of the CK East group. You may have heard of this project but you don’t know what is has in stock for you. Here are some of the reasons that can make you think of grabbing your portion before it is too late.

One thing I love with the design of this exclusive investment property is that it meets the needs of everyone. Another thing I love about the premise is that it is designed for dual purpose. This article presents the types of suites you can find in this investment. The article is meant to guide your decision especially if you want to own a place within the property. Remember the Rencana TTDI project is exclusively set aside for the privileged few Malay Owners.

Rencana TTDI – Executive Suite

The design of this suites will definitely meet your desires and demands. It will allow you to channel your creativity and thoughts into your work in an effortless manner. The suites have a simple but functional design, spacious layout and ample parking. You will never come across such an excellent place that delivers more than a working environment. You will also find excellent places you can hang out that are prefect for tea breaks like cozy caves within the vicinity.

If you are searching for a place that can allow you to get stress out of your body and stress of your mind, your search has come to an end. You can grab yourself and executive suit and you will be good to go.

Rencana TTDI – Deluxe Suite

The deluxe suites in this place will allow you to do your work on the lower level and have some breathing on the upper level. Who is not looking for such an excellent working environment? The deluxe suits have an exclusive tasteful and modern design that will allow ideas to flow smoothly and maximize your productivity at work. You can find world class restaurants nearby that will give you a relaxing dining experience.

Rencana TTDI – Garden Suites

Now, this is the place that will allow you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The suit has luxurious two storey terrace lot with three spaces designated for parking in front of this unit. Apart from the modern design and ample space that is in the garden suite, the place is extremely conducive for relaxation and work. It’s a perfect match for individuals who like working in a relaxed environment.

The suite is very close to 1 Utama, Sunway Giza Mall and The Curve just in case you want to do some shopping with the family. You could also get some luxurious comfort from the spacious infinity sky pool. You could even relax in the poolside area and enjoy the picture skew view if you don’t like swimming. You can host relaxing get together in the sky terrace with your business partners, staff, clients or friends to foster great working relations.

Rencana TTDI – Corporate Suite

Finally, Rencana has the corporate suit for individuals or small businesses that have several employees. The environment will allow you to pay more attention on building your business. The luxurious 3 storey unit perched are on the 13th floor and offer exclusivity and privacy. They have separate parking spaces and private elevators to allow direct access to the units. You can always find a place that will suit you at Rencana TTDI irrespective of your needs.