5 workplace trends to look out for in 2019


As technology seems to transform practically every industry, our lives become impacted by innovation and trends appear. These are related to how work gets done and what our workplaces look like.

Unique and intriguing initiatives in the workplace may not indicate long-lasting trends but they could point to remarkable transformations that we can capitalise on in the short term.

Here are a few prominent workplace trends you should take note of in 2019.


Data analytics

With Big Data, the ability to capture and analyse behaviour along with demographic shifts that spur change in the workplace can make a significant difference in how work is done. Data plays a part in a better understanding of employee behaviour and helps employers collect, assess and evaluate findings. This can result in improved recruitment, performance management and employee retention.


The gig economy

Increased employee turnover can be a huge problem for companies. Entrepreneurship and self-employment are factors that have contributed to the rise of the gig economy, which is made up of individuals that engage in contract or project work on their own.

Businesses can adapt to high turnover rates among staff by embracing the gig economy. This means that, instead of hiring in-house, companies outsource projects to teams and individuals and benefit from a variation in specialisations and expertise. This could lead to increased flexibility and a possible decrease in employee turnover.

There are certain challenges that come with gig work, however. One challenge is that contract workers don’t get health benefits and will have to expect not getting other employee privileges as well.



A number of offices are involved in carrying out initiatives to help with important considerations related to people and their wellness.

Many office designs and layouts have been fine-tuned to accommodate a stress-free approach, HR and wellness programs are being developed and a healthier, happier workplace that is sustainable and in tune with environmental issues is something that upcoming generations of workers look for. In fact, it’s a big key in their evaluation of choosing where to work.

As the demand for environmentally-friendly living and working spaces continues, green residences (designed with environmental factors in mind) can be found in many parts of the property market in Malaysia’s many areas including TTDI and KL.



Together with the rise of the gig economy and interest in entrepreneurship, the coworking trend seems to have picked up. Workplace design and real estate are parts of many coworking spaces and they offer workplace privileges to gig workers, remote workers, teams and companies without having to commit to long-term leases. Flexibility and a conducive, productive environment could be yours!


Open plan offices

There appears to be an ongoing debate centred on open plan workspaces (or open office design) that has been going on for some time now. It seems to have picked up yet again and, while some people may argue that the open plan layout gives workers a more efficient and inclusive environment, others might say that it’s inefficient and leads to a decrease in productivity.

Any space that isn’t designed appropriately can be distracting and counterproductive and, while open spaces might not suit everyone, they aren’t necessarily always a bad idea. Increased collaboration and open communication can be great but many employers fail to establish proper spatial arrangements and space requirements that best suit employees. Remember, people are different so you can’t expect a one-size-fits-all solution with regards to making an environment conducive for working.


These 5 trends could impact the way we work for a long time. Take note of them and decide how (or if) you should implement them in your organisation.







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