5 workplace trends to look out for in 2019


As technology seems to transform practically every industry, our lives become impacted by innovation and trends appear. These are related to how work gets done and what our workplaces look like.

Unique and intriguing initiatives in the workplace may not indicate long-lasting trends but they could point to remarkable transformations that we can capitalise on in the short term.

Here are a few prominent workplace trends you should take note of in 2019.


Data analytics

With Big Data, the ability to capture and analyse behaviour along with demographic shifts that spur change in the workplace can make a significant difference in how work is done. Data plays a part in a better understanding of employee behaviour and helps employers collect, assess and evaluate findings. This can result in improved recruitment, performance management and employee retention.


The gig economy

Increased employee turnover can be a huge problem for companies. Entrepreneurship and self-employment are factors that have contributed to the rise of the gig economy, which is made up of individuals that engage in contract or project work on their own.

Businesses can adapt to high turnover rates among staff by embracing the gig economy. This means that, instead of hiring in-house, companies outsource projects to teams and individuals and benefit from a variation in specialisations and expertise. This could lead to increased flexibility and a possible decrease in employee turnover.

There are certain challenges that come with gig work, however. One challenge is that contract workers don’t get health benefits and will have to expect not getting other employee privileges as well.



A number of offices are involved in carrying out initiatives to help with important considerations related to people and their wellness.

Many office designs and layouts have been fine-tuned to accommodate a stress-free approach, HR and wellness programs are being developed and a healthier, happier workplace that is sustainable and in tune with environmental issues is something that upcoming generations of workers look for. In fact, it’s a big key in their evaluation of choosing where to work.

As the demand for environmentally-friendly living and working spaces continues, green residences (designed with environmental factors in mind) can be found in many parts of the property market in Malaysia’s many areas including TTDI and KL.



Together with the rise of the gig economy and interest in entrepreneurship, the coworking trend seems to have picked up. Workplace design and real estate are parts of many coworking spaces and they offer workplace privileges to gig workers, remote workers, teams and companies without having to commit to long-term leases. Flexibility and a conducive, productive environment could be yours!


Open plan offices

There appears to be an ongoing debate centred on open plan workspaces (or open office design) that has been going on for some time now. It seems to have picked up yet again and, while some people may argue that the open plan layout gives workers a more efficient and inclusive environment, others might say that it’s inefficient and leads to a decrease in productivity.

Any space that isn’t designed appropriately can be distracting and counterproductive and, while open spaces might not suit everyone, they aren’t necessarily always a bad idea. Increased collaboration and open communication can be great but many employers fail to establish proper spatial arrangements and space requirements that best suit employees. Remember, people are different so you can’t expect a one-size-fits-all solution with regards to making an environment conducive for working.


These 5 trends could impact the way we work for a long time. Take note of them and decide how (or if) you should implement them in your organisation.







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Parks around TTDI for nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts!!



Scenic walks, serene landscapes, lush greenery…

With greenery, fresh air and a wholesome environment, you could be giving your mental and physical health a much-needed boost. Spend some time surrounded by nature and tranquillity and other benefits could soon follow.

A number of parks surround TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail) and here, families, fitness enthusiasts and more can all come and appreciate the wide-open spaces and tracks that are available for running, walking or cycling. Here are several prominent parks around TTDI that you might want to check out if you’re ever in the area.


Taman Tun Dr Ismail Park


Also known as TTDI Park, this popular spot is located within a quiet housing area just 10-15 minutes away from 1 Utama. Clean and well-maintained, it features plenty of seating in the form of benches.

It’s a kid-friendly place, meaning that it’s safe enough for little ones to roam around, however, parental supervision is still needed because this park is fairly large. You can take a scenic stroll and make circles around the large lake in the centre for a little exercise. You might also be able to see some wildlife, including monitor lizards and colourful birds.


Lembah Kiara Park


Nestled between the Taman Tun Dr Ismail district and the KL Golf and Country Club development, Lembah Kiara Park is another popular spot for families and nature lovers. It’s huge and spacious and features a wide array of recreational facilities for visitors to enjoy such as jogging tracks, exercise stations, a children’s playground for the little ones and even designated picnic spots.

It can be an incredible option for the weekend and visitors apparently see monkeys frequently emerge from the dense forests of Bukit Kiara. Hiking and biking trails are also available. Put your fitness levels to the test at this park.


Taman Rimba Kiara



Located on the edge of TTDI, Taman Rimba Kiara is part of a massive jungle that stretches all the way to the nearest Golf club. This natural attraction is home to more than 40 species of birds as well as a wide range of different wildlife. Photography, picnics and slow walks in this tranquil jungle park are all highly recommended. If you’re looking at exploring the area’s deep natural surroundings, you might prefer this park over the others.



Malaysia is home to numerous beautiful gardens and parks. Give yourself a break from work and go exploring. Other parks can be found around TTDI. Some may be smaller and less prominent but these more obscure gems could be just as intriguing as the popular options.





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Dealing with difficult people and politics at work



An office can be a great space where you let your productivity flow and where you interact with people that you enjoy working with. You can have a blast in an office that you enjoy coming to (particularly if you enjoy being social and work with like-minded people).

However, put a number of people together in one place and after some time, some difficult situations are probably going to arise. You may have encountered that one colleague (or clique of colleagues) that you just can’t be around. If you work in an organisation with office politics, it can seem like there’s someone out to get you wherever you turn.

Office politics is such a common occurrence, that it should just be expected that certain groups or teams may not gel. If you’re looking at being happier and more productive at work, set aside the drama. Changing yourself might be easier than changing your workplace. Instead of running, how about learning to deal with office politics and those individuals who seem to just want to get on your case?

Here are a few tips that might help.



Deliver quality

It may seem a little indirect but doing your work well and making sure that you’re as effective at your job as possible can be a great safeguard against office politics.

Think about it. When your managers and superiors trust you and the quality of work that you bring to the table, this can act as a sort of shield against bad vibes in the office. You can earn a reputation for being a go-getter and stay in the good books of those who you report to. They can then, in turn, back you up if anyone tries to bring you down and you might also be given more autonomy and independence at work.


Set yourself apart

Create a personal brand that informs how you conduct yourself at work. Your character, work ethic and personality can all be honed and workers with strong personal brands can set themselves apart from the crowd in a good way. Why is this important? Well, consider how you may be able to safeguard yourself from the effects of nasty office politics, due to the significance of your role in your company.

Employ a good strategy that involves specialising in certain areas of your organisation’s operations to a point that you begin somewhat irreplaceable. Achieve this and colleagues will probably have a harder time trying to knock you down or point fingers in your direction.


Stay calm and carry on

Work life can come with its fair share of frustrations. Stress from deadlines and teammates can get you down but sometimes, there’s just no avoiding drama. In this case, you should probably try and cultivate inner peace.

Stay calm and control your temper as this can lead to many problems. Words and actions in the heat of the moment can’t be taken back and losing your cool with people who get on your nerves probably isn’t going to persuade them that collaborating with you is a good idea anyway. Be the bigger person and stay calm, cool and collected.

By staying composed and in control, your reactions can be clearly thought out. You can plan and prioritise. You can negotiate, think of solutions (instead of getting bogged down by problems), come up with decisions or just leave and return when everyone is less edgy.



If necessary, consider a change of environment

Sometimes, working environments can play a large part in the stressful situations that workers and their teams deal with. Although this may not apply to everyone, consider a change in the workplace.

This doesn’t mean that you should quit your job tomorrow. Instead, maybe you can suggest simple changes such as wall decoration or sleeping pods. A more relaxed workplace might be more conducive for productivity and positive vibes. Granted, this can be easier to do if you are a remote-worker or running your own business. However, office-based employees can also suggest ways to get the ‘vibe’ right.



Located at TTDI, Rencana Royale, is made up of corporate suites that can get you in the mood for work. Here, hybrid features, greenery and intuitive workplace layouts make a blend of work and relaxation possible. This can result in less stress, more comfort, and less drama at work.







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Sedentary lifestyle issues? Here are some exercises you can do in the office


With so many of us sitting at work for hours each day, a combination of very little movement and staring at screens for prolonged periods of time can lead to some pretty negative consequences.

A sedentary lifestyle has been cited as a leading cause of death and gradual heart issues, diabetes, some forms of cancer and a lack of efficient blood flow throughout the body can all follow.

It probably doesn’t help if you have bad posture too. Here are a few handy and potentially effective exercise tips that are so simple to perform that you may even be able to do them at your desk.



Spinal twists

One of the main problems with sitting for prolonged periods of time is the effect it can have on the lower back. This can lead to tight and achy sensations. The twisting stretch can help gently work out the internal tension within that area.

In a seated position, put your feet flat on the floor and then contract the abs and gently rotate your torso towards the right and left. You can grasp the handles on the chair with your hands and push slowly for a deeper stretch. Be careful not to overdo it. Twist as far as you can while still being comfortable and keep your back straight the whole time.


Triceps dips

It’s a good idea to get some blood flowing in your upper body’s muscles every once in a while. In between work breaks, consider performing a few triceps dips. This can be a great quick workout and can even sharpen your focus when you get back to work.

Use a stationary chair (not wheeled) for your triceps dips. Position yourself right at the front of the chair and place both hands on top of the seat with hands facing forward. Bend your elbows and your knees, lowering yourself down several inches before pushing back up to complete one rep, straightening your arms as you move upwards. Keep your back as close to the chair as possible. Try doing about 15 to 20 dips per set.


Hip flexor stretch

A lot of stress and tension can accumulate in the lower body (especially in the front section of the hips) when you sit for too long.

To perform the hip flexor stretch, stand up and shift your right leg back a few feet. Bend the back knee (similar to when you perform lunges) and lower your knees until you feel a slight stretch in the front of the right hip. Be sure to squeeze the glutes of the back leg to deepen the stretch. Hold that position for about 10 – 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.


Forward hip stretch

Maintaining some form of health while you work at your desk doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, all you need to do is stand up and stretch. Some research points to the act of standing up every 20 minutes or so as being able to help you avoid excessive blood flow constriction. This can help protect you from a lot of the issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Stand up at your desk and just reach for the sky with your hands in the air. Give yourself a nice stretch for a few seconds. After that, consider pushing your hips forward to release the tension around the frontal area of your hip and crotch area, which is usually under a lot of stress when you’re in a seated position.



Rencana Royale, located at TTDI is a development that features spacious corporate suites. In order to improve as well as maintain optimum fitness levels right where you work, consider finding a multi-functional place that can be used as an office.





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Tips for creating a home office that suits you

Look around and you might agree that times have certainly changed…

Technology and mobility have brought us alternatives to working in an office. Flexibility may be a necessary part of many business and work positions these days and, with a vast array of options to choose from, when and where you work can come down to a number of factors.

You might have heard of nomadic workers. These individuals choose to travel the world or decide to spend their days at home while carrying out corporate assignments or even running global businesses.

However, a nice home office might still a great privilege for many remote workers (even if they have left their cubicles behind).

If you’ve decided to head on down the path of working from home, you may be struggling with the challenge of setting up a home office that’s been optimized for productivity and comfort at work while letting you relax and fulfil your practical obligations during your free time as well.

Here are a few tips that you can take note of if you are looking to turn your shabby study room into a flexible, seamless and highly efficient working space.


Draft up an office checklist

If you are serious about this whole work-from-home thing, have a clear understanding of the items you’ll need. Start off by jotting down the most basic needs in a “critical needs” list. This list can include necessities like a desk, computer, printer, telephone, stationary…etc.

Think about the types of furniture and equipment you’ll need. If you’re a graphic designer, for example, you might want to opt for a smaller computer desk and a larger table that serves as a workspace for art or design pieces. Consultants and advisors may need additional storage or fireproof file cabinets. Take all this into consideration and plan your layout accordingly.


Do away with clutter

It can be easy to get carried away with the many items you’ll want to have in your office space but keep in mind that clutter in your home office should not be viewed as a good thing. A well-designed and well-designated work area should be clutter-free and allow for a clearer and more organised approach to working on important tasks for the day.

Sometimes, less is more. Consider the items that you can live without. You might be surprised by the number of things that aren’t necessary, especially with the power of mobile technology and cloud-based storage.


Good lighting should be a focus

It may be a commonly overlooked aspect when creating a conducive workplace. Lighting can increase productivity and the strain on the eyes during long hours at your desk. This is why proper lighting can be especially important in corners where reading as well as screen time are priorities.

A small study lamp positioned towards your working spot or bright track lights separated from the main lights in the room can all be great options and, in addition, consider placing the computer monitor a comfortable distance from your chair. This is so you won’t have to squint or overwork your eyes.


Optimal comfort can keep you in your zone

You’ve probably experienced how distracting a painfully positioned seating arrangement or a desk that’s too high up for your liking can be. Comfort can be an essential part of increasing productivity, helping you get into your zone and get work done faster when your body is feeling at rest and in-tune with your mind. Make sure that the furniture you use in your office space is adequate.

Choose seats that are easy on your back, especially if you’re susceptible to back pains. Find desks and other surfaces that match your height so you don’t have to stretch yourself up or lower yourself down too intensely.

You may realise that there’s a strong correlation between physiological wellbeing and peace of mind so add tranquil décor to your interior. Consider a soft-toned painting or cooling colours that keep your tension at bay. Also, don’t forget to take note of the area in which you live and work.

Greenery inside and outside your office should be plentiful. A green residence can be a great place to achieve optimal relaxation and get your productivity soaring. Rencana Royale TTDI integrates greenery into commercial spaces and units are also spacious enough to accommodate added décor.


Place boundaries on your professional as well as personal routine

When you work at home, the lines between personal and work routines can often blur and distract you from other daily routines. Retain the same sense of discipline that you’d have in a corporate office. This may be easier said than done.

Set up divisions that mark clear boundaries between work and leisure and don’t let minor, everyday distractions get the better of you. While your office can be made up of fun and stress-relieving elements (like creative décor and personalised corners), it’s also important to ensure that the office is used primarily for work.

As a hybrid commercial development, Rencana Royale located at TTDI features units that already have designs that cater for balanced and well-managed zones in order to separate the personal and professional parts of your life.



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