Some Interesting Ways In Which Greenery Might Affect Your Mental & Physical Well-being

Human beings are a part of the giant ecosystem that and through the natural world, we have a connection to the Earth and its inhabitants.

This is probably why there seems to be an intuitive inclination in all of us to spend some time outdoors, either by taking a walk in a backyard garden or sitting in a park for a breath of fresh air.

Many of us may feel rejuvenated by the presence of nature or through the simple addition of greenery to our workplaces. The reasons for this may surprise you.


Science indicates that quality is important

Apparently, numerous studies by scientists over the years show that nature is the ultimate stress reliever. When greenery is incorporated into living spaces, you might find that social interactions are increased, physical exercise is encouraged and even mental illness can be gradually soothed. These effects seem to not be limited to long forest hikes or strolls through beaches that are miles away and research indicates that just about any kind of green space (whether coastlines, soccer fields or local parks) can all increase feelings of happiness and tranquillity as well as boost mental health.

However, certain qualities should be met if you are to see any of these benefits from green spaces. Some of these qualities? That the green space is accessible, clean and safe (otherwise the mood of visitors may not be so positively influenced). For instance, parks should be easy to reach, have plenty of good, natural lighting and clean enough for families to enjoy.

Another study by a group of researchers in the Netherlands found that people who think their local green spaces are accessible and usable had reported feeling more satisfied with their neighbourhood, regardless of how much green space they had. This indicates a quality over quantity approach to the positive effects of greenery.


A growing appeal for green buildings

The preservation of nature along with the expectation of more sustainable living places appears to have given rise to the green building concept which is growing in Malaysia too, with various bodies in the nation recognising the benefits and importance of green developments as a step forward towards a more eco-friendly future.

Developments like Rencana Royale TTDI are qualified for the GREENre building status, an initiative set up by REDHA in 2013 to promote sustainability in the property industry. Green rating tools such as this are spearheading a new level of sustainability and performance in developments in Malaysia.

They encourage an increase in green developments. These properties can be found designed to reduce pollution and the degradation of the environment as well as prioritise the protection of occupants’ health.

Rencana Royale’s design is in accordance with the Malaysian Government’s efforts to build sustainable developments and cleaner environments, by presenting a 13-storey commercial development in the heart of TTDI that includes corporate, garden, deluxe and executive suites for Malay owners.

Greenery is an integral part of the structure of Rencana Royale. Integrating state-of-the-art facilities with lush elements of nature, it’s a development that caters to leisure as well as work. The incorporation of greenery here can instil a sense of calm and help maintain physical as well as mental wellbeing.


Consider adding a tinge of green to your humble abode. If you don’t know where to start, find a development that has effectively implemented the right qualities of green living, so that you and your family can reap the rewards as you live, work and play in comfort, style and an environment that prizes peace and tranquillity.






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