6 Ways To Maximize Productivity In Your Commercial Space



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You’re ready to roll with your new working space. You’ve got the equipment, the necessary infrastructure for your business and you’re ready to get super production.

Somehow, however, it’s not turning out the way you planned. Production is slow, timelines are running late and there’s an overall lack of motivation. How can you get over this? Is it just a phase?

Fortunately, there are plenty of proven and tested tactics to maximise productivity in your commercial space and send you sailing far above all your business milestones. Here are a few tips.


1. Get your priorities in order

It can be pretty difficult to get ahead of your work if your brainpower is being spent dealing with that super long to-do list you’ve given yourself. Bring focus to your routine.

Focus on no more than 3 priorities each day and leave the rest for tomorrow. Distractions can cause us to become easily overwhelmed, making it harder to focus on urgent tasks so cut back and prioritise. Things should smoothen out naturally.


2. Capitalize on a good working environment

Sometimes, productivity can be greatly affected by your place of work. Are you cramping yourself in a claustrophobic space that’s uncomfortable and stress-inducing? You may not even realize that your surroundings are sucking up all your productive energy.

Include more greenery to encourage oxygen circulation, opt for working spaces with more room for you to move around and focus more on the pleasant aesthetics that you can add to your commercial unit. Rencana Royale, a luxurious hybrid commercial development located in TTDI, features lush greenery and spacious suites that can help you fully unleash your productivity.


3. Find a good seat

Yes, your working environment can be super important but the components within that environment can be just as important. Choose better, more ergonomic task chairs to help alleviate the tension from sitting at a computer all day long (which you may find brutal on your body).

If our bodies are not responding well to the things we interact with, our productivity levels can be reduced. Make sure you pay attention to the comfort and quality of your seat.


4. Implement a results-oriented mindset

You might often find that people count the number of hours and minutes they put into their work days in order to feel satisfied and fulfilled. However, this could lead to you just feeling busy rather than focusing on what truly matters; results.

So, transform your mindset into one that prioritises results and not the number of hours you spend ‘on the clock’. Your productivity could begin to skyrocket.


5. Organize your meetings with precision

You have a stack load of work to do, only to be called in for a meeting that takes 2 hours to wrap up. You’re probably familiar with this scenario. Meetings can be a huge time waster but by cutting your meetings down to 20-minute sessions max, you just might find that you have more time in the day to get actual work done.

Why not try standing meetings? People may have a tendency to get their points across much faster when they aren’t sitting around a board room table.

Meeting locations can also play a big role in convenience as well as duration. At Rencana Royale TTDI, you can find conference rooms and meeting rooms that can help you accommodate large groups of people.


6. Don’t forget to take breaks

At the end of the day, we’re just human. Machines may be able to perform a staggering number of tasks without taking time off but people tend to work better when they are well rested.

Pace yourself during working hours and take breaks to relax or exercise, which can stimulate the brain and alleviate stress. Rencana Royale is a green development with relaxing layouts that can help busy urbanites enjoy their workdays.





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