Tips For Optimizing Your Commercial Space

Working online? Here are some tips for optimising your commercial space

The remote worker was once unique, different, the cowboys of labour and yet now, a surge in digital capabilities appears to have led to normalisation.

Productivity levels also seem to have been maintained with some instances displaying an increase in work productivity when employees get to manage their own schedules and enjoy flexibility at work.

There may be challenges, however. When dealing with working online/working remotely, environments may differ (such as with open office plans) and workers may deal with a lack of resources when working outside of the confines of a traditional workplace.

Fortunately, this modern era can also offer an assortment of options for those who desire to work online or who have flexible working schedules. If you’re looking to begin a remote working lifestyle but don’t know where to start (or would like to know how you may be able to further optimise your space for better work/productivity), here are a few tips that could help you.


Utilise modern facilities

Fortunately for you, many developers can be found seeking to accommodate remote workers by providing them with as much convenience as possible. Prioritising the needs of people from different walks of life (including busy remote workers) should be a part of how today’s developments are built.

In the past, people may not have understood (or even liked) the idea of shared working spaces/coworking space. You might find this gradually changing as a growing tendency towards a multi-layered experience surfaces.

You might find that high-tech trends have contributed to the transition. Facilities like conference rooms, grand meeting rooms and event halls for various business-oriented activities can be found in many developments. Rencana Royale TTDI is one such development which features many essential elements and conveniences that enable online work. Be mindful of which developments you decide on because the space that you choose to work in/run your online business from can determine your ability to work remotely.


Reduce the distractions

As a remote worker, discipline is often up to you. Some of the biggest challenges you may face as a remote/online worker are the distractions that surround you. You could be jolted out of your ‘focus zone’ and drawn away from the task at hand.

Daily life may often be filled with so many other things beyond deadlines and urgent assignments and striking a balance can get complicated.

Buy a noise-cancelling headset with a mute button so you can continue with your video calls uninterrupted or establish a schedule to divide your work time from the rest of the day where other activities are done.

Look for spaces that are designed to prioritise privacy so you can focus on getting things done in specific sections which have been established to foster peace and quiet.


Incorporate brainstorming sessions

Video calls, message groups and business meeting apps can all be great tools for remote workers to virtually communicate with their teams, however, physical meetups may still add value to the productivity equation.

Sometimes, getting together with your team to whiteboard an idea or engage in brainstorming sessions while everyone is physically present, can be a way to really get the ball rolling. Call for a meeting once a month or gather around in a cafe nearby if need be. If there’s one in your compound, you can invite the rest of your team there.

Many developments have facilities that can accommodate quick meetings in conducive environments, particularly if they include things like meeting rooms and event halls for small (or large) get-togethers. Watch areas like TTDI for properties which are fostering the ability to optimise your remote working experience and get the best out of your blended/innovative lifestyle.


Don’t underestimate spaciousness

Limited space may slowly become a nuisance that you have to deal with and this can be especially true if you work in a compact space, have many coworkers or if you require multiple types of equipment to fulfil your corporate duties. The solution can be simple. Refer to interior design websites to get an understanding of how best to set up a space and optimise it for remote working.



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