Tips for creating a home office that suits you

Look around and you might agree that times have certainly changed…

Technology and mobility have brought us alternatives to working in an office. Flexibility may be a necessary part of many business and work positions these days and, with a vast array of options to choose from, when and where you work can come down to a number of factors.

You might have heard of nomadic workers. These individuals choose to travel the world or decide to spend their days at home while carrying out corporate assignments or even running global businesses.

However, a nice home office might still a great privilege for many remote workers (even if they have left their cubicles behind).

If you’ve decided to head on down the path of working from home, you may be struggling with the challenge of setting up a home office that’s been optimized for productivity and comfort at work while letting you relax and fulfil your practical obligations during your free time as well.

Here are a few tips that you can take note of if you are looking to turn your shabby study room into a flexible, seamless and highly efficient working space.


Draft up an office checklist

If you are serious about this whole work-from-home thing, have a clear understanding of the items you’ll need. Start off by jotting down the most basic needs in a “critical needs” list. This list can include necessities like a desk, computer, printer, telephone, stationary…etc.

Think about the types of furniture and equipment you’ll need. If you’re a graphic designer, for example, you might want to opt for a smaller computer desk and a larger table that serves as a workspace for art or design pieces. Consultants and advisors may need additional storage or fireproof file cabinets. Take all this into consideration and plan your layout accordingly.


Do away with clutter

It can be easy to get carried away with the many items you’ll want to have in your office space but keep in mind that clutter in your home office should not be viewed as a good thing. A well-designed and well-designated work area should be clutter-free and allow for a clearer and more organised approach to working on important tasks for the day.

Sometimes, less is more. Consider the items that you can live without. You might be surprised by the number of things that aren’t necessary, especially with the power of mobile technology and cloud-based storage.


Good lighting should be a focus

It may be a commonly overlooked aspect when creating a conducive workplace. Lighting can increase productivity and the strain on the eyes during long hours at your desk. This is why proper lighting can be especially important in corners where reading as well as screen time are priorities.

A small study lamp positioned towards your working spot or bright track lights separated from the main lights in the room can all be great options and, in addition, consider placing the computer monitor a comfortable distance from your chair. This is so you won’t have to squint or overwork your eyes.


Optimal comfort can keep you in your zone

You’ve probably experienced how distracting a painfully positioned seating arrangement or a desk that’s too high up for your liking can be. Comfort can be an essential part of increasing productivity, helping you get into your zone and get work done faster when your body is feeling at rest and in-tune with your mind. Make sure that the furniture you use in your office space is adequate.

Choose seats that are easy on your back, especially if you’re susceptible to back pains. Find desks and other surfaces that match your height so you don’t have to stretch yourself up or lower yourself down too intensely.

You may realise that there’s a strong correlation between physiological wellbeing and peace of mind so add tranquil décor to your interior. Consider a soft-toned painting or cooling colours that keep your tension at bay. Also, don’t forget to take note of the area in which you live and work.

Greenery inside and outside your office should be plentiful. A green residence can be a great place to achieve optimal relaxation and get your productivity soaring. Rencana Royale TTDI integrates greenery into commercial spaces and units are also spacious enough to accommodate added décor.


Place boundaries on your professional as well as personal routine

When you work at home, the lines between personal and work routines can often blur and distract you from other daily routines. Retain the same sense of discipline that you’d have in a corporate office. This may be easier said than done.

Set up divisions that mark clear boundaries between work and leisure and don’t let minor, everyday distractions get the better of you. While your office can be made up of fun and stress-relieving elements (like creative décor and personalised corners), it’s also important to ensure that the office is used primarily for work.

As a hybrid commercial development, Rencana Royale located at TTDI features units that already have designs that cater for balanced and well-managed zones in order to separate the personal and professional parts of your life.



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